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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

First Post!! Oh wait

I'm the only one posting to this. Nevermind.

Into the Closet of Rants

I'm typing this as Joe Buck, Tim McCarver and Al Leiter stumble through their introductions of Game Seven of the ALCS. I'm not going to reveal which team I'm a fan of, except I will say that Al Leiter shouldn't be announcing, he should be pitching. It makes me sad that they give him fifteen seconds to demonstrate a pitch. Al Leiter, you deserve better.

That Red Badge of Courage that Carl Schilling sported last night was pretty impressive though. I'm not sure how doped up the guy was, but it was quite the accomplishment, that contrary to what some writers might suggest, will be remembered whether the Sox win or not.

So I'm watching the game rather than writing my thesis, which is a study of naracissism and the application of feminist psychoanalytic theory to the works of John Milton. No really. The problem is that I'm not exactly sure what that means yet. I've got a good idea, and I've read the necessary critics, but I still have to crack down on myself and set myself some limits. Otherwise I'll be writing forever. Sometimes I might post a thought or two regarding the thesis, or an update, but unless people keep asking about it, I won't talk about it too much.

In real-time, David Ortiz just hit a line drive homer after Johnny Damon got thrown out at the plate. What a hitter. MVP. I'm also excited that both leagues are going to seven games. Impressive. Considering Carlos Beltran is a 40/40 threat while hitting .280 during the regular season, I'm scared to think about what the Yankees batting lineup will look like next year when Beltran is in the middle of it, with the playoffs in his belt, hitting closer to or above .300.

My other classes this term include Music and Technology (I need to fulfill one last distrib) and Neurobio, which is a lot more interesting than it sounds. It helps that I have a professor that talks a mile a minute in a thick spanish accent. He really keeps you on the edge of your seat. Even when you are following his ridiculous pace, sometimes he catches you completely off guard with a term that you don't understand. Activsome? What organelle is that? Wait I'm so confused. Ohhh, Active Zone . . . Crap I missed two slides *scribble scribble*

In any case, that's a little intro to my life. No need to get into the theatrics yet. Not that there are too many of those.

Exit Rant Closet


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