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Thursday, October 21, 2004


Into the Sweet Secular Confessional Closet

It occurs to me that I've really been privileged in terms of college living space.

Even as a freshman, when I had a 7 x 10 box in which two pieces of paper on the floor constituted a mess because it covered the majority of the floor, there was a still a door for plenty of privacy.

Then sophomore year I got an apartment through the college somehow, complete with a full kitchen and a full bathroom. Pretty much on campus too.

Sophomore summer was a two room double, not that I was there alot because my girlfriend Jen had a single.

Junior year, Jen had a single again

And this year, Jen has a cushy apartment, 3 bedroom, 1 bath, kitchen and den, which I am taking full advantage of. And I have a single when I need it.

Doesn't this just make you want to hit me?

Monty Python Quote of the Day:
"She turned me into a newt!!"
"A Newt??"
"I got better"

Now this doesn't mean there will be a Monty Python Quote of the Day tomorrow. If only because I feel that Quotes of the Day are filler for when you don't have more productive, sensible or insightful things to write about. But I like Monty Python and wanted an excuse to quote from it.

"I will not have my friends ridiculed by the common soldiery!!"

Exeunt Closet Stage Right *OW*


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