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Thursday, October 28, 2004

What Now?

A Sea of Waking Dreams

Now that the series and the baseball season is over, I have to remember what I do when I'm not checking baseball scores and stats. That's not easy. I remember something vague, something cloudy in my memory like it occurred in ages past, something about . . . reading a book?

Couldn't be.

Actually I'm rather proud of myself *pat on back* *cramp* ow . . .

Because I managed to not fail (I think) a Neurobio test today despite watching the game last night and not thinking about anything but the Red Sox for much of the night. I was actually taking notes while watching the game, but the notes were punctuated by yells of "Oh That was SO a Strike!!" or "What has Edmonds been snorting????". I was tempted to answer Johnny Damon on one of the short answer questions, but I didn't really have that luxury.

Clearly, I'll just have to find something else to do so I can stave of being productive. Adrian Beltre filed for free agency . . . Nah, that was kinda expected. I have a Nirvana concert in my Concerts folder waiting for me . . . Hmmm.....

Does anyone else but me wonder why there haven't been any rock starts overdosing recently? Jen gets credit for this theory, but I tend to agree that in this day and age, if they're not having orgies with groupies and landing themselves in the Betty Ford clinic between (or during) tours, they're not really rocking. Now, what happened to Cobain sucked and the fact that Courtney Love is trying to manage his image like he was Elvis is a little disgusting. But honestly, the only rock star regularly getting himself in trouble is Scott Wylan. Dave Grohl, bless his soul, is still pretty cool, but he hangs out with Jack Black too much. Jack Black is best taken in small doses. The guy from the White Stripes got into a fight a while back, but hey, he's married to his sister. The sissy bands like Good Charlotte are still being chaperoned by their parents because they don't have their licenses yet. Guns N Roses is gone, Aerosmith has sold out, the Stones are gathering moss. The only popular musicians worth following are the ones like David Bowie and Thom York who regard themselves as artists. Wait, I can only follow serious artists now? While I have nothing wrong with that, I like a guy that's only in it to have sex, drugs, orgies, and write dark, angsty songs about bad highs. I wonder what Mandy Patinkin is up to these days.

Scream and despair, for Sarah McLachlan's new album stinks


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