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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

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I don't know what to say. I'm speechless. Flummoxed. Flabbergasted. Bamboozled. Flimfamfoozled. To think that there are states out there that are in a dead heat right now. To think that in a state where 1.5 million people vote, exactly a half split on way and the other half the other. It's like flipping a coin. Head or tails. Nader is the edge, I suppose. But . . . all this really means is that the Democrats failed to seize on an opportunity to expose a president, or that they did and the media just kept spinning it around until we were all dizzy and couldn't distinguished between the names on the ballot, and just chose one at random.

I honestly don't get it. This election shouldn't have been even close. There was no way . . . Republican or Democrat be damned. . . . incumbent president or not. This was the election that kids and first time voters came out in force. It would have been so just if Kerry had won by a landslide. But as it is right now, it looks like Ohio is going to Bush, as is either New Mexico, or Iowa or both. Not that it matters because Ohio and either one is enough. Look at the south and the midwest. Don't they understand that they have more of a chance of being hit by a cyclone than by a terrorist attack?

I mean, the only massive terrorist attack on US soil before 9/11 was Oklahoma City, if I'm not mistaken, and that came from an internal threat. No self respecting foreign terrorist is going to hit a Omaha. Why is it that New York City and Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania can all go to Kerry and the rest of the country still sits on their asses and votes down party lines? What does the rest of the country have to fear? It's as if Bush and his cronies have managed to paint a picture of the U.S. being engulfed in a wave of nuclear holocaust. If there is another attack, it will still be on a major metropolis, like New York, or Boston, or San Francisco, or L.A. And yet, all these places chose to vote Bush down.

Where are all the women that realize that in the next four years, due to this election, they will lose their right to control their own bodies? It's not like they're shooting drugs, they're making a choice between having and not having a child. Which has extreme ramifications on their everyday life, perhaps even life and death. Choice is a responsibility, and Pro-life stances just argue that people can't handle that responsibility. Perhaps some of them can't, but that's why you set up programs for teenage mothers and druggie mothers that get pregnant.

Where are all the African American voters? Were they really afraid that their parking tickets were going to get them disqualified on election day? Were they that distracted and intimidated by Republicans? Perhaps, but nevertheless, the weakening and factionalization of organizations like the NAACP and the tendancy of left wing attention seekers to rise to power in these organizations is destroying any semblance of a black voice in America.

This election shouldn't have been close. Not even close. It should have been a Fleetwood Mac-ian Landslide for God's Sakes. All this talk about election controversy and recounting and fraud makes me ill, because if America really had an educated voting populace that understood the issues at hand, no amount of subterfuge could have stopped John Kerry from winning this election.

Disillusioned and Depressed and thinking about heading North of the Border


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