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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Boy Named Sue

Cash Money

I enjoy Johnny Cash. He had a great voice and put out some quality stuff in his time. But I'm listening to his last album, and as good as some of the covers are (Bridge over Troubled Water and Hurt stand out), some are a little excessive. The Man in Black DID NOT need to cover Oh Danny Boy. The presence of this song, while it sounds like every other version of this song ever made, KILLS the middle of the album. The fact that Desperado, another good song that has been covered ad infinitum, comes right after it does not help. The sound is different from the rest of the CD and his voice just doesn't have the same gravity that it does in his cover of Hurt.

I don't really like that he needed to change the lyrics of Hurt, but I do understand that Cash appealed to a rather different audience than Trent Reznor. That was your Nine Inch Nail frontman reference of the day. Richard tells me that he's got a new album coming out by the end of the year. Ah, the naivete of youth.

It bothers me that I haven't gotten to the point that I want to on my thesis. I'm shooting for 4-5 chapters of 20-30 pages a chapter and I'm nowhere near that. I understand that the first term is the hard one, and I should have more planned out so that I can slam out a chapter every two weeks Winter term, but still, I wanted to get at least one done and get a good chunk out of another.

As it stands, I have 25 pages written on A Mask at Ludlow and the use of Echo, but it needs serious revision. And a lot of organization that isn't getting itself done.

Basically, I have the next three weeks until Thanksgiving. I'm planning on getting this chapter done and the beginnings of another one planned and brainstormed to about 15 pages, 20 if I'm tackling Paradise Lost next. And then since I only have one final I might actually be able to get something resembling a final version of the second chapter done. That would only leave 3 for Winter term. That would be so nice. It would mean I could take two classes, one being the thesis, and just write the crap out of it. I think I need two more bio classes after this term to graduate (hopefully) with a Bio degree.

Then again, there's still LSATs and the job market to think about. It's so damn distracting, knowing that I'll have to either go to a different school or find myself a job. I'm hoping that the job market is ok, but from what I've seen so far, there isn't much call for an English/Bio major with a specialization in 17th Century English Literature. Market myself. That's what it's about . . .

Someone say something vapid. Or funny. Not about money. Or the future.


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