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Friday, November 19, 2004


Art Spiegelman wuz here.

As in here at Dartmouth. Spiegelman is a comic book or graphic novel artist, depending on the term you prefer. His talk is actually been the first extracurricular lecture I've been to in while. I went a couple of them freshman and sophomore years. Anyway, he topped them all.

In 1992 Spiegelman put out what has been hailed as the greatest graphic novel ever, "Maus". As Jen pointed out, there probably have been better graphic novels in history. America and Europe, after all, are novices at telling stories in a series of images when you compare them to Japan.

But I also think that it's a pity to just call this work a graphic novel. It certainly stands out and reads better than many novels I've read. Considering how much I remember reading it again today, after not seeing it since eighth grade, it has quite an impact. More than history class. More than Schindler's List. More than the Holocaust Museum in Washington. All of which I've experienced, and I can remember more details, names, events, tragedies, triumphs, from Maus than I can from all three of these experiences combined.

Oh, and it was really cool because he signed my copy of the book afterwards (although I'm giving it to Jordan who will probably appreciate it more than me). Unfortunately since he was promoting the new book he wasn't signing copies of Maus, which I was kind of looking forward to. Pity.



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