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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

The ever graceful Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are now kind of screwed, considering the city of Los Angeles doesn't want them.

The new brief (which doesn't have real legal standing but probably will be factored in by the judge, I would hope) filed by the city of Los Angeles opposes the Angels' name change, on grounds that it's inappropriate to attach a city to your name that you have no financial, emotional or geographic ties to. Damn right.

Now all the judge has to do is laugh at the stupidity and tell the Angels to shove it.

But what do the Angels do? Withdraw the name change and admit that it was a stupid plan in the first place? Add another random city to their name? This just reinforces the point that anyone that wasn't already a fan would only laugh at them and wonder why they were bothering.

I personally hope that Anaheim finds some way to dump the Angels altogether as well, forcing the Angels to rename themselves the California Angels (which they once were), or if that doesn't catch on, the American Angels.

How about the Angels of Vladamir Guerrero? Anaheim Angels of Orange County?

How about the Anaheim Angels of Riverside and Pasadena? Then they could be the AARP. Wait, that's the San Francisco Giants (for whom the average outfielder age is about 39 - Moises Alou, Marqius Grissom, Barry Bonds).


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