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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Umm . . . Lefty?

Now, I hate to cover up my idea of a reality TV show (see below), but this is just too good.

This image, exactly this one, unedited, same size, originally came from Yahoo's frontpage for Golf with the caption

"Mickelson and a fan react to a shot to tie Woods that just missed on the eighteenth hole"

But I think most people would agree with me when I say that it looks like the aforementioned fan just hit a shot, and not one that tied Tiger Woods.

Seriously, what the hell kind of photographer takes this shot? And gets it through editors? Does no editor say to himself "Gee, this looks like Phil Mickelson reacting to a guy with a hat busting a load up his ass"???

If you click on the picture (on Yahoo's website, not my blog), it actually doesn't look a whole lot better. When it's not a headshot, it STILL looks like Lefty is doing the anal.

And you gotta love the fan's "O" face.

Addendum: If seeing the picture on Yahoo isn't enough, ESPN Page 2's Skip Bayless has used a smaller version of it on his article today. Don't these guys learn?


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