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Saturday, March 12, 2005

What is Best in Life?

I wonder if any of the other "actors" in the movie Predator went on to lucrative careers in politics, because Arnold Schwarzenneger (sp?) and Jesse Ventura sure did.

Imagine that. If you had told someone in 1987 that a quarter of the main characters in Predator would go on to lucrative political careers, you would probably have been laughed at and committed to the loony bin.

Seriously now, who would have thought that one man who can barely speak English and another who was known as "The Body" would become governors?

I can honestly say now that if I ever got the chance to travel back in time, I would go back to 1990 and lay down several bets that one of the main characters from Predator would go on to be a political figure. I'd hop around at bars and make several thousand bets worth a few million. Then in 1991 when Ventura became a mayor somewhere in Minnesota, I would offer everyone who I bet money with a double or nothing bet that within 15 years, another one of the main characters from Predator would go on to become a politician.

I'd putz around for a decade doing something, I don't know what, maybe predicting Super Bowl results and similar things. I'd definitely get in on the dot-coms and then out just before things went bad. But then Arnold would become governor and I'd go around and collect on even more money.

Ok I won't do that. I'm just merely illustrating the point, ad nauseum, that Predator has two future politicians in it.

And it occurred to me. The Predator in the movie acts a lot like Jeff playing Halo. Yeah that's right. And if you can't figure out if that's a compliment or an insult, watch the movie again. Damn sniper.


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