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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Did he just . . .

Ok, I know "Touch em All" is a little iffy in the euphemism department, but when the ESPN Baseball Tonight says . . .

"You hang 'em, we bang 'em," I'm sorry, that one takes the cake. Or the corpse. Something like that.

I can't believe you can say that on TV.

Yeah. No more words need to be said about that.

I'm reading a guy named Bernd Heinrich in my ecology class. He's actually a pretty good writer for a scientist. Perhaps not on the Stephen Jay Gould level, but he's very articulate, and very prosy while delivering difficult ecological concepts. Good material. I recommend his stuff to anyone. "Winter World" is what I'm reading, but he has a slew of other books out.

He does have a tendancy to talk about banging trees, but that's banging as in hitting with a club to flush out animals, so I suppose that's ok.

The actually disconcerting part about his material is the rather objective nature of how he presents death in nature. I know it's a part of it, circle of life or whatever, and part of ecological study does include killing things to observe them, but it is a little on the awkward side if you've never read any of it before.

I'm not saying he's enjoys talking about shooting finches or anything like that, especially since he does talk about morals and hunting. If anything, he shows that he cares deeply about everything he writes about. It's just that to oversympathize with the charismatic megafauna (or just the charismatic fauna, as it might be) would compromise the scientific nature of what he writes.

He talks about former pets, which included a free flying owl, a weasel, and a squirrel, and some nostalgia definitely manages to leak through. But he doesn't let himself dwell on it overly long in "Winter World" and I think it's for the best.

Anyway, check it out. There is a reason I'm a bio major, and it's not because I like pain. Well, maybe it is, but there really is some amazing stuff to be observed and written about and investigated out there.

A while ago, before the MLB season started, I wrote about headlines I wanted to see. "No-no for Nomo" or something like that was one of them. But I didn't want to see "No more Nomar," which is what happened yesterday.

It really looked like a freak injury, but whatever the cause, tearing your groin is nothing to joke about. The early diagnosis is that Nomar will be out for two to three months, but I doubt he gets back until September, if at all. And this was the season he was supposed to put it together so he could sign a nice long term contract too . . . .

It's weird (and sad) to think that this guy hit .372 a few years ago.


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