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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Game

The fact that the first person suspended for steroid abuse has 4 career home runs brings me great joy. But I won't dwell on that, because I'm enjoying some good baseball today.

Some notes:

- While Randy Johnson looked decent in 6 innings, I'm watching Jason Bonderman, who has struck out 5 through 2 innings of work, and I'm wondering who's going to have the better year.

Of course Johnson is the proven Hall of Famer and gets ridiculous run support, but the Tiger's offense isn't negligible and Bonderman has filthy stuff. Changes speeds and has good control, hits the corners when he needs to, and his heat hits 95. Nothing to complain about there.

- Regarding the Tigers' offense, they could really be stupendous this year. Brandon Inge just wrecked a mistake by Lima, out to left, which in Comerica is no small matter. Magglio could be good, and Dmitri Young should be a middle of the lineup presence if he's healthy. They need Pena and Infante to develop more, but this team could score a lot of runs.

- Yankee Stadium has all the history, but while I don't know if it's the day game, or just the stadium itself, but Comerica in Detroit looks pretty good. It's huge too, which is kind of fun in this home run crazy era. That alley in left looks like it's at least 430. It's the kind of territory one might imagine Willy Mays covering.

- David Wells balked in a run last night. Who does that? When do the implanted Yankee accusations start flying?

- There was a lot of talk about two rookie shortstops last year, Khalil Greene and Bobby Crosby, but Kaz Matsui wasn't so bad either. I think this year's rookie class is underrated though.

My pick for AL RoY is Jeremy Reed, the centerfielder for the Mariners. I'm not sure if Mauer still qualifies, but he could put up nice numbers if healthy. J.J. Hardy is a decent shortstop with the Pirates, and he could easily be the NL RoY if Andy Marte isn't called up early enough for the Braves.

- I'm definitely looking forward to the Mets / Reds game. Pedro's debut is much anticipated, but I also wonder what the reaction would be like if the Reds tag him for a few runs, which they are perfectly capable of doing. I consider Adam Dunn one of the few 50 HR threats this year. That he might steal 10-15 bases is indicative of what kind of player he is.

- Comeback player of the Year? That's an easy one. Nomar Garciaparra. He'll hit well in Wrigley, and if he's over his injuries, he could be a top-5 shortstop. I think Andruw Jones might contribute more in terms of runs created (and taken away), but considering Jones never really struggled (only with curveballs...), he's not really a candidate for comeback player. Neither is Chipper, who somehow managed 30 homers and 96 RBI despite a nagging injury that forced him back to his old position at third.


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