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Friday, May 27, 2005

Everything Your Grandmother Warned You About And More

It's true you know . . . it will make you go blind.

I know I shouldn't laugh at other people's misfortunes, but this is a whole lot more amusing than some anti-inflammatory drug that causes liver damage.

Next thing you know, doctors will start reporting clients with hairy palms.

Anyway, another news item mentioned an American Idol type show becoming immensely popular in China.

I was there a little more than a year ago, and television was very obviously becoming much more Westernized. While they weren't in our current reality show frenzy, it's a perfectly logical next step.

They still have variety shows, which was rather amusing. But considering that the variety shows featured everything from motivational speakers who quoted Martin Luther King Jr. to lounge singers with sultry voices clad in glimmering gold gowns, no one should be surprised that shows like American Idol or Star Search are popping up in China.

Besides that, they had their twenty four hour news channels, and channels devoted to stocks and economic news. And they had soap operas, some domestic, some dubbed from their original Japanese.

My grandparents watched all of it.

It's not surprising at all that with so many more people investing, with consumer spending on the upswing, that China is a huge television market. It will be more interesting though, to see what happens when people start airing more controversial shows. Right now, from what I could tell, most of the televised material is still "safe." What happens when something like South Park comes out? What will the government do?

It might have happened already, and I just didn't hear about it.

And finally, two cents for anyone who can tell me which of the following terms I just made up:

Death Metal
Doom Metal
Rage Metal
Nu Metal
Thrash Metal
Black Metal

For extra credit, tell me what the difference is between these types of metal.

Thank You


Blogger panda said...

all of those types of metal are in fact, real, except maybe rage metal.

death metal is something like opeth
doom metal is something like my dying bride
i don't know what rage metal is
nu metal is something like onesidezero

i don't really have examples of thrash metal and black metal, but i know kate likes them.

so yeah

7:47 PM  
Blogger panda said...

and each one of these types of metals is characterized slightly differently, as far as i understand:

Death Metal - this typically has a greater emphasis on death. (duh) obviously. "death voxing", or the guttural screams, characterize this. the more hardcore Opeth songs epitomize this. also Amorphis.

Doom Metal - i don't really know. My Dying Bride is the only band i've ever listened to that has this stuff, and i don't like them that much. if you listen to a metal that has really low instruments and is slower, more like a doomsday march than the frenetics of other types of metals, you're probably listening to metal. also does not have to have anything to do with doom; evidently MDB has a lot to do with romantics.

Rage Metal - what is this

Nu Metal - Nu Metal is characterized by different types of techniques that other types of metals generally don't use, and is often less 'hardcore' than the other types of metals. it's also not necessarily 'newer' than other types of metals- it refers to a more popularized version of metal which can be less accessible to the masses. nu metal, as far as i understand, is often a condescending term.
there are some good nu metals, though. System of a Down, which i'm personally not a fan of, but some are, and Onesidezero, which can be good.

Thrash Metal - don't really know
Black Metal - don't really know

also i'm pretty certain that bands like Nightwish fit into a certain metal category. would they be termed as 'operatic metal'? and is there a 'classic metal'? what's more, it's probably better to classify metals as 'American Metal' and 'European Metal', because there are greater differentiations between the two than with the above categories. for instance, the Blood Brothers is popularly referred to as metal, but most of the 'real' metalheads i know (which is basically Kate and a few other people) dislike it, and generally, so do i.

melodically, there's probably also definite technical differences- some of the stuff that opeth does, especially in its more softcore moments, are just basically softrock songs with a sweet voice and soft guitars. you wouldn't catch most Amerimetal bands doing things like that.

also, does Industrial count as Metal, or Electronica?

7:55 PM  
Blogger Satchmo said...

Damn. Yes, Rage Metal is the term I pulled out of the air.

On the off chance that it's real, I did a Google search and as far as I can tell, Rage Metal is a band, but not a form of metal.

I know what Death Metal, Nu Metal and Thrash Metal are, but I've never heard of Black Metal before.

I know some people count what NIN does as Metal, but I'd tend to put in more in the Electronica category.

What's Type O Negative fall under, out of curiosity?

8:18 PM  
Blogger panda said...

type o negative, as far as i know, is nu metal. i think.

8:28 PM  

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