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Sunday, May 08, 2005

It's Alcatraz For You

Apparently, Barry Bonds is the new Al Capone.

See, since they couldn't convict him for racketeering and breaking the Volstead Act (Prohibition), Eliot Ness and his crew got Capone for tax evasion. Man, I love that movie.

But if tax fraud (giving a girlfriend a house or something like that, if I'm not mistaken) is what baseball is going to try to focus its efforts, and our attention on, we might as well tell Bonds we're reopening Alcatraz for him.

Why bother investigating him for tax fraud? Players on the DL can be tested for substances too, and I'm pretty sure all that stuff he's alleged to have taken stays in your system for over a year. It's not like you can drink some of that stuff that claims to flush your system; HGH, clomid and those supplements should affect hormones for a long time.

Test him, nail him, ban him. How hard is that? Let him be indignant. Let him rail against the media that brought him down. Hell, let him play the race card. It's not like the majority of African Americans in America still consider baseball to be the nation's pasttime. Barry Bonds is nothing compared to LeBron James and Terrell Owens at this point.

Without passing Ruth and Aaron, who's going to care in 20 years? Let him be voted into the Hall of Fame with the greatest numbers ever. Without public opinion, he's just another plaque in Cooperstown.

Bonds knows that he shot himself in the foot (or knee, as it may be). What baseball should do now is cap his other knee while he's down. But investigating his personal expenditures and relationships isn't the way to go.


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