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Saturday, October 22, 2005


I just saw the Underworld: Evolution trailer. Why someone would want to make a sequel to "Dracula vs. the Wolfman" I don't know, especially considering it wasn't that huge a hit in the theaters. Did the DVD do really well or something?

In any case, it looks like someone made the cognizant decision to have this "franchise," if it can be called that, mirror the Blade Trilogy. Now, the first Blade movie was actually somewhat entertaining, but the second was a piece of trash. I'm told that the third movie gives trash a bad name, which is why I've stayed away from it.

But the movie is filled with really dark sets and silly lines like "Find the girl, and bring her to me." I thought the priest who spoke the line was Ian Holm, who played the exact same role in The Fifth Element, but IMDB says it's someone else. I guess Ian Holm wasn't available. (As an Ian Holm aside, did he get the crazy Bilbo look from The Fellowship of the Rings from his previous role as the "placid guy who's really a murderer" in From Hell?)

Kate Beckinsale is probably a perfectly capable actress, but I can't think of anyone who has taken worse acting roles recently. At what point during Underworld 2, Underworld 1, Van Helsing, Serendipity, Pearl Harbor and Brokedown Palace should she have realized that she needed a new agent? Isn't it kind of scary that Underworld 1 is probably going to be the best in those films? Granted she was in The Aviator, which is just about the only substantive role she's been in recently (being in tight leather doesn't really count).


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