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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Quick note

I'm watching Baseball Tonight, and I see that Sean Casey was gunned down at first on a 5-7-3 forceout. Casey hit a sharp liner which went off Joe Crede's glove. Thinking Crede had caught it Casey stopped running, upon which Pablo Ozuna in left came charging in off the ball, which had trickled into left field.

Casey finally realized what had happened and began running to first, but Ozuna made a good throw which Konerko scooped out of the dirt in time to make the out.

Tim Kurkjian said something to the effect of never hearing anything like this before, and I have to admit, I've never heard of a 5-7-3 out either. He seemed to indicate that he had never heard of someone getting thrown out at first by an outfielder, but I have read about an apocryphal story in which a strong but slow footed Negro Leaguer (I need to look up the identity of the player) was sometimes thrown out at first because his line drives were hit so sharply.

Also, in a shift, the second baseman is kind of like a fourth outfielder, but I guess that doesn't really count.


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