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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

RIP, Brian Bluhm (aka VTTigers)

I was shocked this morning to open up my baseball blogs to find out that one of the regular contributors to John Sickels' had been killed in yesterday's Virginia Tech shootings.

I know for a fact that VTTigers joined the site not long after John established it in 2005. Back then, I read and commented much more on the site (Sickels is my favorite baseball prospect analyst), and VTTigers was one of the most insightful posters we had. His knowledge of Detroit Tigers prospects was unparalleled - I know I learned a lot about Cameron Maybin from him, and he was an invaluable source of information on prospects. His posts were articulate and smart, and contributed to a great atmosphere for discussing baseball prospects.

His commentary on Sickels' site will be missed. The same will hold true for other baseball sites, as he was an active contributor to several Tigers message boards.

I do have a new favorite baseball player now, Curtis Granderson, the Tigers CF, as he put Brian to the top of his MySpace friends list when he heard the news, and left a message on Brian's page. It's a touching gesture. I know Brian often praised Granderson on Sickels' site, especially for his outfield defense.

My condolences to Brian's friends and family and to everyone else who lost a loved one yesterday.

Addendum: Anyone landing on my site through a search - Brian's comments on John Sickels' site can be found here, and here is John's tribute to him yesterday. I understand that a fund is being set up for the victims families by the Virginia Tech memorial fund.


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