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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Why does it seem that no one outside of Minnesota (aside from a blogger or two) is talking about Pat Neshek?

All the righty with the funky sidearm delivery has done is pitch 19 2/3 innings while allowing just two runs. Even more impressive, his strikeouts are through the roof (29 Ks), his control has been impeccable (3 BBs), and he has only allowed 6 hits. 6 hits in 20 innings? That's incredible. Minnesota fans have taken notice, including one of the best bloggers on the internet, Batgirl, but it doesn't seem that anyone else has.

Neshek's delivery makes him extremely effective against right handers, evidenced by 19 Ks against righties. But his nearly equal dominance of left handed hitters is a bit curious, as lefties hit well against him in the minors (at least compared to right handers). Despite the fact that both his runs were solo home runs by left handed hitters, his numbers against lefties have been impressive, to say the least.

It is yet to be seen whether batters will adjust against his delivery, but for now, it's enough to sit back and enjoy the spectacle. Not that I often get to see the Twins on television.

Also of note is Neshek's rather amusing blog, which is surpringly down-to-earth, and often gives a nice inside view of the travel and off-field life of baseball players. There is a good illustration of his delivery as well. Neshek is apparently an avid baseball and hockey card collector, and catalogues his expansive collection on the blog.


Blogger Sooze said...

seems like a few batters have neesh figured out the third or fourth time they face him, but he's still pretty elusive with his pitches. any pitcher who leaves one up will get it smashed out of the park, but i think he'll be great for the club in the longrun, and maybe even widely feared next season.

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