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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I would just like to point out for the record that Taye Diggs is not gay.

At least I don't think he is. Unlike the real guy in "Stella"'s life, who turned out to be gay and is now in the middle of a nasty divorce case.

Strangely enough, I actually saw that movie (How Stella Got Her Groove Back). Not in the theaters, but I saw it with a couple of friends. Why? I don't really know.

I do know that Taye Diggs is a good actor - besides the movies (cameo in Chicago, Stella . . . ), I've also seen him in Rent and an off-Broadway production called "Dance Party" or something like that which wasn't very memorable.

It's pretty impressive what the original Rent cast has done - Taye Diggs has made a name for himself, a lot of the cast is still on Broadway (especially Idina Menzel, who's now in Wicked), and Jesse Martin is one of the best actors out there.

So yeah. Taye Diggs. Not Gay.

I'm also a little surprised about the tone of the article. It's not an Op-ed, but the writer tosses slang around like no one's business. Journalism is becoming much less formal these days, but the above article has a whole lot of editorializing to go along with the facts.

It actually just turns into an opinion piece after what was a very nice start referencing Their Eyes Were Watching God, even though the romantic relationship wasn't specifically what made it a "classic of black literature."

In fact, I believe that Hurston, and Alice Walker, who made it more famous when she "re-discovered" it, were more interested in the colloquialisms, the regional dialogue, and the more anthropological/sociological aspect of the story.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Sorry for the lack of updates, for anyone who's still reading.

I graduated on June 12. Glee. I haven't really found Dartmouth to be very engaging after I finished my thesis, and neither Tom Brokaw nor our Valedictorian, who decided to paraphrase Derrida as far as I could tell, really did anything to change that.

I will not, however, complain about the graduation gifts. They will help me pay my first month's rent. And moving costs.

I've already started moving. On Monday (the 27th) I'll start my job as an account assistant at Lautman & Company, a small consulting firm which works with non-profit organizations to optimize and target their direct mail campaigns. It sounds a little esoteric, or a little boring, depending on what you know about non-profits and direct mail, but I did a lot of similar database work last summer, and I actually find working with non-profits to be rather rewarding.

I was really more proud of finding a job than graduating. By graduation, I was really just going through the motions, and it really didn't help that the said motions, including sitting in the sun for three hours, left a tan lan on my forehead from my graduation cap. No joke.

But the job? I went down to D.C., interviewed, got called back the next day, and got offered the job the day after that. Now THAT really reaffirmed my faith in myself. That and the fact that I have really good references.

It was also cool that I found a place in my three days in D.C. as well. I can safely say that I'm probably one of the few people that had productive Senior Weeks. This is different from REproductive Senior Weeks, because I'm sure more than one person got knocked up during the six days of booze and more booze before graduation.

So in a mere matter of weeks, I've found myself going from sitting in my single in Wheeler, ordering EBA's because I was out of dining hall money, to moving into an apartment, worrying about paying for my own car insurance, and many other things I'm still not comfortable dealing with on my own.


Then again, it's rather refreshing to have a new challenge. Part of the whole "college burnout" thing is the absolute meaninglessness of grades. By senior spring, who cares if they get a B+ or a B- in a class? I still haven't checked my final grades, and the only reason I would ever do so would be to correct the GPA on my resume.

I'm not entirely sure how long it will be before I have an internet connection down in D.C., probably a couple of days, so there will more than likely be another gap between posts.

Hopefully not three weeks though. I really didn't mean to not write for three weeks. I intend to keep this blog going through; it's probably going to be more important to me than before, if anything.