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Monday, November 01, 2004

Thom York's Lazy Eye Grants Him POWAAAAA


You know it does

I went Pumpkin Picking today, or as Gary would have it, Pimpin Punking. A bunch of us realized that we hadn't gone for four years and should probably go before we left New England for good. So we trekked out a few miles in my 4x4 All Terrain (AKA Honda Accord) and eventually reached a quaint little farm where some very nice people that probably have some skeletons in their closets directed us to a pumpkin patch.

It was a little desolate, with all the pumpkins sitting forlornly, some in a more advanced state of decay than others, in a wasteland of vines and dust. Not very sincere, I have to say. But for what it was worth, we found some nice pumpkins. And their apple trees were very cool and we managed to pick some juicy ones. I felt like a monkey in the apple trees. Do monkeys eat apples? I feel like they must.

So it was all good and fun, and now we have several pumpkins in the kitchen awaiting slaughter, upon which we will eviscerate them and make dinnar with them. Poor, defenseless pumpkins . . . almost makes one feel pity. Not.

The Halloween Penny Arcade is brilliant. It's typical Penny Arcade, in that if you're not an RPGer you won't get it. But I can definitely symphathize with not having a memory card, or in my case, not having a PS1 card compatible with a PS2. Damn third parties. I could only use each FF9 save point once. Until I got a new card that is. Then it was ok.

The kid's responses in the comic are awesome, as are the classic but cute costumes. For a couple of dorky guys that draw comics about video games, fruit-fucking juicers, and claw shrimp, they do pretty well when it comes to storytelling and panel-to-panel progression and spacing and such. There is a reason they're so damn popular I suppose.

This is where I feel I have to get dorky as well, so if you don't want to feel dorky with me, feel free to stop reading.

Still here?

Ok. Seven years ago . . . 1997. Final Fantasy VII was released that year, so that was probably his first time through the game. I'm not sure about this, so I need to ask people like Richard - which version of Jenova would he probably be on after 25 hours? Because if it's the first one, he was taking his sweet ass time. That's what I remember, and it's kind of difficult to remember because my first time through the game was so weird.

My first time through the game was when Eric Hunter (Mike's older bro) burned me a copy of the game for PC. I got all the way to the end of the first disc, pretty quickly, but then found out that my copies of the other discs were faulty. They just didn't work. And so rather than spend the money immediately on the game (it was still expensive at that point, I remember), I just played and leveled near the end of disc one. Over. and Over. and Over.

I logged an inordinate amount of hours fighting lightning birds in some canyon to the point that, after about 40 hours, I was somewhere over level 50 (maybe higher) with a mastered materia. I think. I don't think I'm exaggerating. Richard, you'll have to corroborate my story. At some point, much, much later, we gave up and bought the game. And beat it handily. But I take pride on 1) levelling so obsessively and 2) keeping Aeris alive longer than any other human on the face of the Earth has bothered doing. Oops. Spoilers. Oh well. *marks*

Ah, the memories. I know a lot of people don't understand how one can sit through RPGs, but it's a lot like reading a choose your own adventure book. Except it's better because you have so much more control. And there's usually a better story. When you do something momentous (like finding out about Shadow's past or learning Omnislash) it's quite rewarding.

The best games like Chrono Trigger keep you coming back with features like alternate endings and "New Game +" options where you can continue with characters from the end of a game. Some of them are turning into movies where you press a button every now and again, and I'm not really a fan of that. Also, some people think that games like FFX-2 must be better than a game like FF6 by virtue of graphics. But that's like saying the new Star Wars must be better than the old ones by virtue of CGI. Which is a load of crap. *Grumble*

Man, I want to play Ogre Battle 64 again. What a great game. And not just because it was the only good RPG for the N64. It was just a good game. Crisp graphics, interesting story, great characters and Atlus just makes such slick battle systems . . .

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