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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Update on the thesis:

Chapter One on Milton's "Mask at Ludlow" is 34 pages, unedited, workshopped it today with a couple of profs. Lot of edits to be made, final formatting and stuff like that, but it's pretty final at this point.

Chapter Two on Milton's "Paradise Lost", the character Sin is 22 pages, unedited, I like it better than the first one. It flows better and I present a more solid argument. Still need to format it and stick in all notations and stuff like that.

Chapter Three on Eve's narcissism, and tangentially, Adam's, in "Paradise Lost" is ongoing and should be done by later this week. I hope. Shooting for 20-25 pages

Chapter Four on The Son of God in "Paradise Lost" and "Paradise Regained" should get done by Feb. 18th. Shooting for 20-25 pages.

My advisor is leaving for the Caribbean to go scuba diving (no joke), so I need to get all four chapters to him for proofreading while he's in Paradise. That happens on the 18th. The final thesis is due on March 2nd. Final length will be somewhere between 97-110 pages. I've got 40-50 left, plus a 5 page introduction to be written after I've got my chapters done.


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