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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


No one really cares, but the Toronto Blue Jays are increasing payroll and renaming their stadium.

SkyDome actually had a nice ring to it, and it pretty much covered all the bases. It's a stadium with a dome, and the team that plays in it wears the color sky-blue (are blue jays sky blue?) with a bird as their mascot. Makes total sense.

So instead, they're renaming it the Rogers Center. It's not an ugly name, but it sure is a conceited one, as it will be named after the current owner, Ted Rogers, owner of Rogers Communications. This guy's not very creative is he?

I just want to know how many players are going to tell people that they're going up to Toronto for a good rogering. Or how many fans will try to "do it" in the stadium; you know, rogering in the Rogers Center. My money is on Kris and Anna Benson getting it done first. God knows they've done it everywhere else.


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