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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

See How They Shine . . . I'm Sailing Right Behind

Art Garfunkel's kid looks just like him

It's true. I saw him sing the national anthem or something like that a couple of years ago at some sporting event. Might have been the 2003 MLB playoffs. Exactly the same. Like they pulled out the old cloning vat and duplicated Art. Same hair and all. I wonder if Paul Simon had anything to do with this . . .

I like cheese. Cheese is wonderful. The sign of a refined culture is the development of refined milk cultures. I think I've said something to this effect before. One of the culinary pleasures I get out of life here, besides coffee and the bread at Molly's, is walking down to the CoOp, buying a loaf of fresh french bread and a small slice of cheese, like a brie or a camembert, and enjoying it on the way home and at home.

It might last myself and a friend or two a couple of hours. Maybe. It's actually not a very high price to pay (1.99 for the bread, usually less than 4.00 for cheese) for decadence. There are so many cheeses, some that are good in certain situations, others that are pretty much good with everything.

I had a risotto a while ago that was made by the presence of a wonderful pecorino cheese (that's basically a spicy parmesan - say that with an Italian accent for full effect).

Salad is ten times better with Gorgonzola or bleu cheese.

I could go on, about cheddars and gruyeres and goudas and roqueforts, but I don't think it's necessary. But all this said, I will never live in Wisconsin.

Speaking of Cheese, the Cheese Shop is one of my favorite Monty Python sketches. It's the absurdity of Flying Circus at its best and the simultaneous lampooning and celebration of British culture is in high gear. They run through what sounds like a majority of the world's cheeses, and some that might not exist (Venezuelan Beaver Cheese being a good example, since there are no Beavers in Venezuela).

But the reason I loved the sketch the most was because at one point, it sounds like they mention a cheese called the Danish Bimbo. It was to my regret just this past month that I found out that it was actually pronounced Danish Fimboe in the sketch. Which might or might not be another made up cheese. Still a great sketch though.

Oh yeah, Trent Reznor.

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it is still danish bimbo in my heart.

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