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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Fun with Pronouns

I love it when journalists make little errors like this that don't get caught in the editorial process:

'Daddy' heckler
irks Pedro


PORT ST. LUCIE - Pedro Martinez smiled and waved to fans who cheered him as he walked toward the clubhouse from his car yesterday morning. But when one aggressive heckler blurted, "Who's your daddy," Martinez wasn't amused and grabbed his crotch.

See if you can catch the error. Read it out loud if you have to. It's good for a laugh or three, I think, although I would bet that the guy whose "crotch Martinez grabbed" isn't attending any Mets games this year. Or laughing.

I know I'm nitpicking and being a grammar nazi, but if Mr. Rubin had turned this into his editor with the line "But when one aggressive heckler blurted, "Who's your daddy," Martinez grabbed his crotch", I'm sure the editor would have done a double-take. And edited the statement to make it say "Martinez wasn't amused and made an obscene gesture."

I also feel that aside from the humor value, this is the kind of thing that gets misquoted. Next thing you know, people will be saying that Piazza isn't the only gay Met. The rumors of Piazza's homosexuality, of course, were quelled when Piazza married a Playmate. Or was that Jeff Garcia?

No, Jeff Garcia is only dating one. Ok. In any case, neither man is gay. We think.

Can't say the same for that Pedro though. Grabbing heckler crotches? Next thing you know, he's going for Mr. Met, and then Kris Benson . . . What would Anna Benson do? Would she sleep with Pedro if Pedro was the one that Kris cheated with in the first place? These are things best left uninvestigated, I feel.


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