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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Initial Here

Good news from the baseball world. Great news from the baseball world. And it's not that Jose Canseco's book is selling like hotcakes.

They found Ugie Urbina's mom.

For those of you who don't know about what happened, Urbina's mother (Urbina is a relief pitcher for the Tigers) was kidnapped five months ago and held for three millions dollars (US dollars, I assume) ransom.

Kidnapping is apparently a huge problem in Venezuela, and earlier this month, there were rumors that former MLB player Rich Garces, aka El Guapo, nicknamed for obvious reasons (see pic), had also been kidnapped. That proved not to be the case ten days later when he came back from a trip to the beach. No, I'm not making this up. Apparently Guapo went to the beach for ten days and didn't tell anyone. Not a teammate, a family member, a wife, his butler, his pool boy. . . . mayhaps he's embarrassed by his man-boobs.

In any case, it's a pleasant surprise that they got Ms. Ugie back without any problem. It's more surprising that the Venezeulans performed a daring mountain raid correctly and got the hostage back.

I can picture some commandos storming a mountain villa as Willem Defoe holds a large gun to the head of a 50 something woman in a floral print dress while standing in front of a heap of cocaine.

He screams at his underlings to fight off the damn Venezuelan feds, when all of a sudden, Charlie Sheen and Ving Rhames (I'm thinking black/white buddy flick) parachute through the window (didn't see that one coming, did you?) A nice standoff ensues, before Sheen puts one between Defoe's eyes a la "The Untouchables"'s. Defoe flies back in slow motion and lands in the pile of coke, a just ending for the cruel, but charismatic druglord.

Ms. Urbina is rescued, and reunited with her MLB playing son. All's well that ends well, until Charlie Sheen makes Major League 4: Mexican League, Urbina, of course, having to make a grateful cameo.

Ok, so it probably didn't happen that way. But I am very glad that Ugie's mom is safe. That's the important thing. No Willem Defoes were hurt in the making of this rescue.

On the thesis side, I emailed my professor my chapters last night at around 2 AM (I had until 10 AM before he left for the Carribbean, but I was tired and I wanted to play it safe). Total length at this point? At the beginning of the week I had 34 + 22 + 12, or 68 pages done. By 2 AM today, I had 36 + 24 + 19 + 10, or 89 pages. I feel pretty good about this, although the scary thing is that I still need to tack on ten pages to my last chapter, tweak my third chapter to about 23 pages, and write a 5-10 page intro.

Not today, I'm not.


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