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Monday, February 14, 2005

Finish Him!!


I feel that once you've referenced your thesis in terms of Mortal Kombat, there's no going back. And by back I mean the back to the happy land of sanity in which one can sit on the couch, watch "Law and Order" (RIP, Jerry Orbach), and work sporadically.

And so, I embark on this week's journey, a harrowing descent into the depths of liminality, allegory, semantics, and other literary type stuff, and try to finish a draft of my thesis this week.

This needs to happen because my dear advisor is escaping at the end of the week for seven days in the Carribbean with his family, scuba diving and enjoying the 80 degree water temperature. He has promised to proofread a draft of my thesis on the plane.

Will our hero successfully navigate the obscure, trap-laden path ahead of him? Or will he awaken a Cthulhu-ian nightmare from beyond the beginning of time in his quest for an Honors thesis?

All I know is that if on Wednesday, I blog and write something about an Aztec monkey God who came to me and handed me a copy of my thesis, only written in some kind of Aztec script, someone needs to call for a straitjacket and some heavy sedatives.

So how much is this exactly? Well, I have 12 pages of my third and/or fourth chapters, which are kind running together for some reason. Theoretically, I'm shooting for 40 (for both chapters), although if I can have 35 in a rough draft, I'll be happy. So that's 23 more pages to get through in a week. In addition, I will need at least a day to edit my first two chapters and restructure them so my advisor does not make the same comments he did the first time he read them. And make all the grammatical change he suggested.

I have today (Monday), tomorrow, and Wednesday to essentially write 23 pages on the typology of shadows in classical myth and Puritan tradition as they are presented in Milton's Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained and how such a reading reflects Milton's concepts of gender. And then Thursday I edit everything so I can send it to Prof. Luxon by Friday afternoon. Can I do it? Stick around and find out. It's going to be an adventure. And cross your fingers. If Cthulhu rises, or any Elder God from the lost city of Ry'leh for that matter, we're all screwed.


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