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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

sUper, thanks for asking

A little more news on the Ugueth Urbina front.

His mother was rescued a few days ago, and Ugueth reported to Spring Training. Fine and dandy. And this segment was in an article today.

"In Lakeland, Fla., Ugueth Urbina said he planned to report to spring training, even if his kidnapped mother still was being held. He didn't want to show her captors that he was weak. Now that Maura Villarreal is safe following a rescue operation Friday, Urbina said an indescribable weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

``I feel like I'm 18 years old,'' the Detroit Tigers reliever said, speaking publicly about the ordeal for the first time.

Villarreal, 54, was rescued by Venezuelan police during an 8-hour raid that left two of her abductors dead, two captured and seven others as fugitives. Police described the kidnappers as Venezuelan and Colombian drug smugglers.

She was held for 5 months, 18 days in a camp that police called a drug-traffickers' hideout in Venezuela's southern mountains.

Urbina and his two brothers, Ulmer and Ulises, were at a loss. "

Ugueth's bravery and their family's good fortune aside, who names their three kids Ugueth, Ulmer and Ulises? Does Ugueth have any sisters?

Una? Uma? Usanne?

Madre de Dios, estan Ugueth, Ulmer y Ulises!! Los Hermanos Urbina!!

Oh, and in other baseball news, Jason Kendall just slipped a couple of spots on my fantasy draft cheat sheet.

" 'In baseball today, everybody changes teams,' he said. `I couldn't tell you what 30 times 30 is, but I can tell what I threw Todd Helton three years ago on a 2-1 count.'"

Umm . . . some lesser primates can multiply thirty and thirty, Jason. I didn't know that the Oakland A's were employing lemurs nowadays. I don't think that's what Moneyball was about at least.


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